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Work in progress

Graphic explorations for a new upcoming project.

02 / 11

Coco Rocha hard at work

Keeping up with this fashion icon was quite the challenge. Stay tuned for more.

03 / 11


This is what happens when Helvetica and multiple exposures collide!

04 / 11

OFFF Qc Posters

No better way to spruce up the office by framing the posters we designed for this year’s OFFF QC festival.

05 / 11

Last photo shoot.

Stay tuned!

06 / 11

Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran

Choosing the right color for the Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran rebrand.

07 / 11

Ingrid Ingrid

New mandate keeping us hard at work.

08 / 11

Goose U

It’s all in the details. Putting the finishing touches on the Goose U website. Next: development & integration.

09 / 11

Mattel / Dare to be made

Hard at work. Stay tuned!

10 / 11

OFFF Qc Festival 2016

It’s all coming together.
Check out the final work here.

11 / 11


Some behind-the-scenes images of the Go Play Global photo shoot. Toys never looked so good! Check out the final work here.